Etuti Institute - Nabu Educational Awards

In 2019, AACO of Arizona has helped the Etuti Institute with funding Assyrian students from Armenia with educational supplies to support and enhance their studies. Congratulations to the recipients and we wish them the best of luck in their studies.

Gishru - A Bridge to Assyria

AACO of Arizona helped fund a student’s Gishru trip to the homeland. Gishru is a life changing journey to Assyria dedicated to connecting Assyrians living in the ancestral Homeland with Assyrians throughout the Diaspora, to preserving the vast Assyrian history, culture, and archaeological wonders, and ultimately, strengthening the Assyrian identity. We believe that the memories made today will lead to a prosperous future for the Assyrian Nation. Assyrians are the indigenous people of Assyria (modern day Iraq, southeast Turkey, southwest Iran and northeast Syria).